Payment & Enrollment Policies



Pre-payment: 1 day for service is required to complete enrollment. This payment is non-refundable.

Rate Verification: Documentation to validate discounted rates is due within 5 days of enrollment to fax number 706.504.4191. If valid documentation is not provided, the rate will revert back to the Market Rate (or the rate for which you qualify) and you will be charged the difference. This adjustment will go back to the first day of service.

Rates Subject to Change: Rates are subject to change without notice. BGCCSRA honors all payment schedules in good standing. However, customers who withdraw or are disenrolled from the program for non-payment will have to re-enroll in the program at current rates.

Payment Schedules: Payment schedules are determined by the number of days for which you registered multiplied by your verified daily rate divided into equal payments that cover the time frame you selected services. Payment schedules for ongoing services (i.e. after school care) will run over the breaks and holidays for autopay customers and payments will be due during these times. These payments cover only the ongoing service.  Additional services like vacation camps/in-service days are not included in your payment schedule.  Registration for additional services must be completed through the Parent Portal.

Late Fees: A $5 late fee may be assessed if payment is not received within 48 hours of due date.


Auto Payment 

You will be able to sign up for auto payment during the enrollment process. If you need to update your card please make a payment and alert our payment department by sending an email to To switch from manual to auto payment please email and request this change.

Manual Payment 

Payment due the first day of service for the week according to the payment schedule. Manual Payments may be made in the following ways: by credit/debit card through the Parent Portal,  at any First Citizens Bank branch, at our Service Center at 206 Milledge Rd. Augusta, GA 30904

Weekly Participants: Parents who select weekly participation are paying for a slot in the program and will be charged regardless of usage.

Day Pass Participants: Parents who select to purchase day passes will be charged based upon the days their children attend the program. Account must be prefunded.

Withdrawals: All withdrawals must be done through the Parent Portal by clicking Financial Tab and withdrawing from the service. Two weeks advance notification is required for all withdrawals.

Late Pick Ups: There will be a $1 per minute late pick up fee for the first 5 instances because our staff is not authorized to routinely stay later than the scheduled shift. After 5 instances the late pick up fee is $5 per minute. The 8th instance may result in your child being removed from the program. Late fees must be paid prior to your child returning to the program.

Outstanding Balances: You authorize BGCCSRA to collect outstanding balances by charging the credit cards provided to make payment on this account if payment is not made another way, or if payment arrangements with our account management staff have not been made and/or honored.

 Disenrollment for Non-Payment: Customers with two weeks worth of balances during the school year and one week of outstanding balances during the summer will not be able to return until full payment is made. Payment arrangements are available prior to this status.

Returned Check Fee: A $15 fee will be charged to customers for returned checks in addition to any fees charged by the bank or collection agency.

Payment Reports: Payment reports are available from the Parent Portal. Accounts must be current in order to access this report (Receipts/Tax Statements). Credit/Debit cards will remain on file throughout the school term.

Past Balances: Customer’s accounts must be current in order to enroll in new services.  Questions about prior balances and payment arrangements can be addressed by calling 706.504.4071.