FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Where are the Clubs located?

Our Great Futures Academy programs are located in the schools themselves.  We partner with the schools to use their facilities.

Do we help with homework and allow outside tutors to come into the Club?

Yes, one hour is dedicated to homework time Monday – Thursday and our staff and volunteers are there to assist if needed.  We will allow outside tutors to come to the program, but they will have to complete the screening process we use for employees before they can interact with any child in our program.

How do I enroll my child?

New parents, please create an account in our Parent Portal, then enroll your child for the desired location and services.

Returning parents, please log into your account in the Parent Portal, then select “Enroll my child” and choose the desired location and services.

I have more than one child. Can I enroll my additional children at a discounted fee?

Yes, please select the appropriate discount when you enroll your child.

Will BGCCSRA continue to allow drop-in participants?

We will allow one visit for free, but require the parent to pay for a daily package after the first time.

What are the fees to enroll my child?

There are no registration fees to enroll your child. Your daily fee will be based on the market rate at your location and any discounts or reduced rates for which you qualify.  A non-refundable payment for the first five days of services is due in order to complete your registration.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, for qualifying families. You simply choose the rate you qualify for.  Upon enrollment, fax the required documents to our secure fax line (706.504.4191) or bring the required documents to our Service Center to verify the rate you selected. You are awarded the rate immediately upon enrollment, but must provide verification of the rate with in five business days.  If you do not verify the reduced rate, you give BGCCSRA permission to recoup the difference between the market rate and the rate you choose.

You can determine if you qualify for a lower rate our sliding fee scale by visiting our website or the parent board at your 


How long has Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA been around?  

Over 65 years! In 1952, Mr. E.W. Hagler established a place where youth in the Augusta community would have a safe place to go after school and during the summer. The first Club was a leased structure located at 1763 Broad Street. In 1959, the Graniteville Company donated 7 acres of land, and contributions from Arthur H. and Ernest B. Merry Foundation, the Silver Family, Roscoe Roberts, Merial Black Corey and the Anne Langdon Estate, opened a Boys Clubs of Augusta at 1903 Division Street in the Harrisburg community. The organization grew from one Club to six Clubs in the past 60 years. In the late 90s, the Clubs began accepting girls into the programs and the name was officially changed to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Augusta. The majority of our Clubs are located in Public Housing neighborhoods with the exception of the two school sites. Formerly known as Boys & Girls Clubs of Augusta, the organization underwent a name change in the early 2000's to Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA (BGCCSRA) to reflect our broad outreach in the community. 

Does the United Way of the CSRA support the Boys & Girls Club of the CSRA?

Yes, we are one of the youth programs they support. 

How does Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA determine their programs?

BGCCSRA is a member organization of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We follow their programs that have been developed and field tested for the Clubs by experts before being rolled out to local clubs like BGCCSRA.  All programs are designed to be age appropriate, purposeful and fun. Boys & Girls Clubs of America was ranked the No. 1 among youth organizations for the 15th consecutive year by The Chronicle of Philanthropy Report on the efficient use of financial resources.

What are some of the activities being done at the Club?

After completing their homework and getting a nutritious snack, your child can choose between over 25 programs each week in Character & Leadership Development, Education & Career Development, Sports/Fitness & Recreation, Health & Life Skills and the Arts.  Programs offered include intramural sports leagues (i.e. flag football, dodge ball), computer literacy, drug awareness and risk behavior prevention programs, cooking classes, and leadership/community service group clubs. 

What’s the member/staff ratio?

BGCCSRA wants every child to have fun and learn. We average 15 members to one staff member.  Parents rate our staff as very professional and always energized.

Are all employees being thoroughly screened?

We select our staff based upon their experience, character and passion for working with youth. Our staff is reviewed semi-annually and detailed professional development plans are followed to ensure they are successful at providing excellent service to our participants.

Our staff is our most valuable asset. We take the following steps to make sure the staff and volunteers who work at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the the CSRA are the right people to care for your children.

1. All adults that interact with our participants go through a thorough screening process that includes reference checks, a national background check, and a sex offender registry check. All adults go through this process annually. This includes both staff and volunteers.

2. Volunteers are always accompanied by a trained paid youth development professional, and never left alone with the participants.

3. All adults must sign in with a paid professional before entering our program.

What type of training do we provide to staff?

All of our staff goes through intensive youth development and safety training to ensure your child’s experience is both fun and safe.  Each staff is required to complete our 14 module training program (developed by the Army) within 12 months of being hired, and receives additional training from our National Office in specific program delivery.  We also share best practices among Clubs.

Are all staff CPR/First Aid certified?

Each club has at least two staff that are CPR/First Aid certified.

What type of field trips do they take during the school year?

Our field trips during the school year are limited to trips that tie to specific programs like community service projects, sports/education/social recreation tournaments, the zoo, art museums, and career exploration trips.  


Is a snack provided?

Yes, we provide a USDA-approved healthy snack daily.

How can my child sign up to be a volunteer?

We allow high school students to volunteer at our programs.  They can apply by completing a volunteer application from our website and submit to our HR department.  Once they are screened and go through an orientation, they will be assigned to a program in their community.

Will we have a representative from BGCCSRA at schools for registration?

Yes, the director of your program will be at the school registrations to meet parents and answer questions as well as register participants for the program.  However, we strongly recommend that you pre-register for the program prior to the school registrations because some of our sites have space limitations and fill up quickly.